Is Your Chain-Link Fence Lacking Wind Protection? Strengthen It With Several Additions

When you go house hunting, you should focus on homes that meet most of your needs. To get your highest priorities, you should be willing to compromise with things on your "want list", such as a fence that is not your preferred type. You may have wanted a wood or vinyl fence, but you got a chain-link fence. If you have noticed a severe lack of wind protection on your property that discourages you from opening the windows on extreme summer and winter days, you should look for solutions to strengthen the fence.

Intertwined Vine Growth

While you cannot expect to get a solid fence out of chain-link, you can get it close by growing vines. When functionality is the priority over looks, you should just focus on evergreen plants. These include the Creeping Fig or English Ivy, which will provide you with steady wind protection all year long. Picking evergreen will also keep you from having to worry about heavy winds causing damage to flowering vines.

Privacy Hedges

It is perfectly fine to add onto your chain-link fence by putting a privacy hedge behind it. This will maintain the functions of a fence, but with the added benefit of more privacy, security, and wind blockage. Since most residential areas do not allow homeowners to build backyard fences higher than six feet, you do not need to grow extremely tall shrubs or trees to fully compensate for the fence's lack of wind protection. The Dense Yew peaks at six feet in height, making it the perfect option to avoid towering over the fence. If you do not mind the height difference and want more wind resistance, you should choose one of the taller growing trees such as the French Lilac, Sweet Olive, or Dwarf Pink Almond.

Retaining Wall

If you want to add beauty and function to your landscape while also gaining wind breakage, you should think about building a retaining wall in a strategic area of your backyard. Placing it parallel to the chain-link fence can give you a solid layer of protection. This will minimize how much wind is able to get through the barrier and blow into your house.

Replacing your fence is an option, but you may not be ready to spend the money on removing the old one and putting in a new one. In the meantime, you can use these methods to protect your home from wind. For more fence ideas, contact a company like Askatu Construction.