Security Options To Consider for Commercial Properties

If you have had some trouble in the area with theft and security, and you want to make your commercial property safer, some chain link metal fencing and a gate can make a big difference. Adding these different features to your property can help protect the building, the employees that work for you, and the people that you have visiting. Here are few things you want to look into.

Gated Entry

A gated entry helps you monitor who comes in and out of the commercial property throughout the day, and prevents people from staking out the property at night. You can choose to have a gate that automatically opens when people pull up, or that you open and close with business hours, but you'll want to consider having a video surveillance system near the entrance. This allows you to get an image of the driver and license plate of vehicles that pass through.

Card or Keypad Lock

If you want to be more selective of who is coming in and out of the property, then you may want to have a barcode scanner or keypad at the gate. This will force employees to scan a card, or type in a number, to get into the gate to the parking area or to access the parking lot. This may mean the secretary or people in the front office have to let in guests or the mailman, but it's worth it if you want the privacy and security.

Property Fencing

Consider getting fencing around the entire property to keep people off the grounds, and so someone can't get to the front doors if they can't get through the gate. This won't just stop vehicles from getting through to the property, but it will stop people from also getting to the front door of your offices. Security cameras can also be added to your property fences, along with signs warning people to keep out.

The fencing company like Phoenix Fence, Co. will measure the property and determine what height is needed to keep people out, and what type of gate will be best for the layout of your driveway and parking lot. If your business is in an industrial park that has a lot of problems with intrusions and burglaries, and you don't want to be the next business to make a report, call the commercial fencing companies in your area about a chain link fence and get the project started.