Vinyl Fencing: A Great Choice For Dogs

If you have a dog, fencing in your yard can give you and your pet a lot more freedom. You can let the dog outside without constant supervision, which ensures that the dog gets time to exercise – and that you don't have to shiver your shoulders off in the colder weather. One thing you do need to make sure of, however, is that the fence you choose for your dog's yard is safe. Vinyl fencing tends to be the best option as far as dog safety is concerned. Here's why.

Vinyl won't splinter and does not have sharp, poky edges.

Wooden fences may look classic, but they can splinter. Splintering wood poses a number of risks for your dog. It can get lodged in your dog's skin, pierce their mouth if they decide to chew on it, or even poke them in the eye. Vinyl fencing does not splinter, so you don't have to worry about these injuries. It also does not develop sharp or poking edges like metal fences may. Your dog can rub against it or even bite it without worry.

You don't have to stain or spray vinyl fencing.

Dogs love to chew and lick things. It's almost guaranteed that at some point, your dog is going to lick or chew on the fence. When this happens, you really don't want there to be stain, insecticides, waterproofing chemicals, or other hazardous treatments on the fence that may make your dog sick if he ingests them. Vinyl fencing never needs to be treated with these materials, so there's no real risk involved if your dog decides to take a chew.

Vinyl fencing won't "pop off" the posts easily.

Vinyl fencing is pretty light in weight, which means that panels are typically made to be pretty large. This makes them harder to pop off the fence posts than smaller wood panels. It won't be as easy for your dog to lean against the fence or push up against it to pop the panels off and sneak under them.

Vinyl is hard to climb.

Vinyl is a smooth, hard surface. Your dog can't dig its nails into it as he could with a wooden fence, and he can't use it as a ladder like he could with a chain link fence, either. So, you have to worry a lot less about your dog climbing out. As long as the fence is too tall to jump over, you shouldn't have to worry about him getting out.

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