Want To Build A Front Yard Fence? 3 Ways To Improve Your Home Security With This Addition

Front yards often receive a considerable amount of wear and tear from being next to the sidewalk. Dogs may urinate on the grass, people may accidentally step on your plants, and trash may get tossed around. Adding a front yard fence is one method to reduce the impact of these negative effects. But you may not be happy with just eliminating a few inconveniences; you may want to positively impact your home's security. It is important to follow a few installation ideas to get the most security out of this type of fence.

Install Solar Lights on the Fence

While you can illuminate your property by staking lights in the ground, attaching lights to the gutters, and using a bright light bulb at the front entrance, you may want even more lighting protection. Extensive lighting makes your home less of a target to criminals because it makes it easier to get caught in action. Having professionals install solar lights on the fence that go all the way around your front yard is ideal. This will keep your costs down by not having to extend your electrical system to the fence. It will also work to your benefit because even when you are gone, the lights will shine and protect your home.

Build as High as You Can

Many homeowners do not have the opportunity to build their front yard fence very high. Four feet is a typical maximum, and this is not tall enough to prevent most determined criminals from getting over. But you should do your absolute best by having the fence built as high as you are legally allowed. You can rely on a fencing contractor to provide this information or you can look it up on your own.

Use Sharp Picket and Post Caps

The height alone may not discourage people from trying to scale or jump over the fence. However, you can make it less appealing by choosing picket and post caps that are sharp to the touch. In a rush, it is easy for mistakes to happen, and all it takes is falling on one of the caps for a criminal to get injured. This would most definitely stop them from still attempting to burglarize your house.

Front yard fences can easily improve your curb appeal, but they may not scare away criminals on their own. Getting creative with your decisions regarding the fence's installation can make a huge difference. Contact a company like Gatlin Fence Company for more ideas.