Protecting Young Children And Dogs With Chain Link Fences: 3 Important Features For Keeping Alligators Out

In the wake of the alligator attack on the two-year-old boy at the Florida Disney resort, the media has drawn nationwide attention to the dangers posed by alligators. Unknown to many Americans, southeastern U.S. is actually home to many American alligators, with populations reaching approximately 1.5 million in both Florida and Louisiana respectively. If you reside on or near alligator territory, this unfortunate tragedy may have drawn your attention to the importance of installing fences that will keep alligators off of your property. Chain link fences are highly recommended to keep alligators out. Consider these 3 tips when installing one.

Fences Must Discourage Climbing

While alligators don't look very nimble, they can actually get around quite easily. In fact, standard chain link fences won't be enough to keep alligators off of your property, as alligators have been known to climb 5-foot fences rather easily. They can easily use the mesh to support their weight if they want to.

When installing chain link fences that are specifically designed to keep alligators out, you'll need to put in more effort. Make sure that the fences are at least over 5-feet high and possess 4-inch mesh. The higher the fence, the better.

Fences Must Prevent Alligators From Climbing Over

Chain link fences are essentially ladders for alligators. On top of making sure that the fences are relatively tall, you'll also want to make sure that the fences have features that prevent the alligators from being able to climb over the top of the fence even if they are able to make it close to the top.

Fences that are angled outwards are unlikely to support the full weight of the alligator and will generally discourage them from climbing over. In addition, you should install barbed wire or an electric wire at the top of the fence. Alligators have relatively soft underbellies, and the barbed wire or the electric wire will deter the alligators from climbing over.

Fences Must Prevent Burrowing

On top of being excellent climbers, alligators can also burrow up to 20 feet in mud banks or soil underground. While alligators are unlikely to dig a hole underneath the chain link fences to get to the other side, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Install concrete footers as the foundation of your chain link fences. Although this will make installing the chain link fences much more difficult, it's well worth the effort. To install the concrete footers, pour concrete into the fence line before sinking the bottom of the fence into the concrete. Make sure that the fence remains uninterrupted while the concrete cures.


Alligators don't attack often; however, they have been known to target pets and even young children. If you live in a state that is home to alligators, it's time to be proactive. Get chain link fences installed around the perimeter of your property to keep alligators out and to keep your children and pets safe. Companies like Rainier Fencing & Decking may be able to help.