How Can You Make A Chain-Link Fence More Private?

If you have a chain link fence around your property but are craving a little more privacy, you may be considering having the chain-link fence removed and replaced with something more solid, like a vinyl or wooden fence. However, this can be quite costly. It may be worth your while to look into methods of making that chain-link fence more private, first. Here are a few things you can try:

Plastic Slats

Sold in most home improvement stores, plastic slats, or privacy slats as they are sometimes called, slide between the links on your chain link fence to make it appear more solid. They come in many colors, from plain white or black to flashy orange or purple. You can install them yourself. All you need to do is climb up on a ladder so you can clearly see the top of the fence, and then start pushing the slat down between the links. You'll slide it all of the way down until it reaches the bottom of the fence, and then repeat this process with slat after slat until your whole fence is filled in.

Climbing Vines

Allowing vines to climb your chain-link fence may decrease its lifespan by exposing it to more moisture. But in the meantime, it will make your fence more private while saving you the cash you would otherwise be spending on a new fence. In the spring or early summer, plant seeds every 1 – 2 inches along the base of the fence. Water them daily to ensure good growth, and when they start sending up vines, wind the vines around the fence to start the climbing process. There are many great vining plants to choose from, but a few particularly great ones include:

  • English Ivy: This is a dense evergreen vine that will maintain your privacy even in the winter. It does prefer shade, but thanks to its deep roots and hardy nature, you should never have to fertilize or water it once it's established.
  • Creeping Fig: Another evergreen vine, creeping fig will require water only during periods of drought. It will grow well in shade or partial sunlight.
  • Clematis: If you only need privacy in the summer, this flowering vine is a beautiful choice. It develops vibrant, orange and red flowers and dense green foliage that will make your fence appear much more solid.

To learn more about your options, speak to a fencing company in your area.

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