Want A Fence In A Cold Climate? 3 Tips To Enjoy Easy Maintenance Over The Long Run

Putting up a fence on your property has numerous benefits. It will protect your children and pets, not only from being able to leave the yard, but from critters that could cause harm such as snakes or coyotes. It also gives you a designated area where you can transform your landscape into something special. But, the problem that you may be running into is trying to figure out the ideal installation in a cold climate. With inevitable snow throughout winter, you should consider a few ideas to ensure easy maintenance.

Choose Vinyl as the Material

Each material that you can use for a fence has its own pros and cons. Vinyl excels in many categories, except for cost, but that is okay when you have enough money to invest in such a fence. It will be easier to save money down the line as you will not have to worry that much about maintenance or repairs. Its strength and resistance to corrosion is a perfect candidate for a cold climate where snow builds up.

Add Gaps Between Pickets

When you have heavy snowfall, it could become quite challenging to clean up the snow. In a driveway, you can just shovel it off the surface or pick it up and put it in a pile elsewhere. But, with an enclosed fence and lots of snow to handle, you may not know what to do to keep snow from being a major obstruction. Making sure to incorporate gaps between the pickets of your vinyl fence will alleviate this problem. It will allow you to use a snow blower to push the snow through the pickets to avoid excessive buildup.

Have a Path for Snow Removal

While the picket gaps will help for removing snow, they will not resolve the problem entirely. It is helpful to come up with a plan for reliable snow removal before you have the fence installed. An excellent idea is to put a gate up at one or two areas in the backyard to allow for easier transportation of snow. If you are not determined to surround your entire yard with a fence, you can always leave a small section open. This way, you can just direct the snow in that direction and pile it up where it is not a potential hazard.

Installing a fence on your property is an exciting project to look forward to, but you should make sure you have winter and snow covered to avoid having problems with overall upkeep.