Vinyl Is Great For Deer Fences

When you think of deer fences, you probably don't imagine vinyl. Most people think of wood when it comes to deer fences. But vinyl is a great option and many manufacturers are now producing their most popular styles in vinyl. There are a number of drawbacks to owning a wood fence. This article will explain a few of the perks of choosing vinyl instead.

Vinyl Is Easy to Maintain

The biggest advantage of vinyl over wood is the fact that it is so much easier to maintain. It is essentially 100% waterproof and weather resistant. This means that rain and moisture from sprinklers will not affect your fence at all. This is a major issue because deer fences are often wet on a daily basis, if not from the sprinklers, then from morning dew. Best of all, vinyl does not need to be stained, sealed, or waterproofed in anyway. This means you will virtually invest no time or money in maintaining your vinyl fence. If you do need to clean your fence, you can simply wipe it down with a soapy sponge.

Vinyl is the same color and texture throughout. If your fence does somehow get scratched, it won't be very noticeable because there will not be any discernible color change. That being said, if your vinyl does need to be patched, it is quite easy to do. Vinyl patch is cheap and easy to work with.

Vinyl Is Modular

Another huge advantage of vinyl is the fact that it is modular. This means that the rails and slats can be attached to the posts without any tools. They basically snapped right into precut slots. This is ideal for people who want to install their own fence and save some money on the project. It is also ideal when it comes to making major repairs. If large portions of your fence do get damaged, but the posts are still in place, you can easily buy new rails and attach them very quickly.

Vinyl Is Made in Many Colors

When compared to wood, vinyl is clearly the choice for property owners who want a low maintenance, no-nonsense product. Some people don't think that it is as stylish as wood, but you will probably be surprised how many great options you can choose from. Vinyl can be dyed any color imaginable, so you should have no trouble finding a product to fit your style.

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