How To Install Fence Posts

You can spend a lot of money on exterior and interior remodel, but you should always consider projects that are going to have a lasting effect on the value of your property. Adding a wrought iron fence to your home can definitely increase your property value. On top of this, small fences can make your yard much safer and more enjoyable, particularly if you have children or pets. If you are going to install a fence, you should consider doing it yourself. Many modern products are modular so that they can be great DIY projects for ambitious homeowners. This article explains how to install the actual wrought iron fence posts.

Installing Modular Fences is Quite Easy

When it comes to the installation of modular fences, the majority of the work is actually very simple. Modular design allows for most of the pieces to be attached to each other very easily through interlocking channels and notches. In fact, many of the pieces can be attached to each other without any tools at all. In the end, the hardest part of the entire project is usually digging the holes for the fence posts, pouring the concrete in the holes, and setting the post.

Of course, if your fence posts are not durable and level, your entire fence can end up being flimsy, no matter how well it is installed. So, it is vital that you take your time when installing fence post.

Digging the Holes

First of all, make sure that your fence post is deep enough. Usually, it is smart to make sure your post is half as deep as the fence will be tall. For instance, if you want a 5' tall fence, you should plan on digging holes that are at least 2.5' deep. The difficulty of digging your holes is obviously going to depend on the density, weight, and rockiness of your soil.

You can increase the strength of your concrete footings if you mix the concrete mixture and water together directly in the hole. That is, you pour them in and stir them together as you said the fence post in the hall. You don't want to premix the solution and then pour it into the hole, around the fence post. It won't be as strong.

You will likely find that the rest of the installation process is going to be far quicker and easier, especially if you are installing a lightweight modular product. For more information on wrought iron fences, contact a local contractor today.