3 Benefits Of Installing A Chain Link Fence At Your Business

Protecting your business is one of the most important aspects of owning your own company. If you are worried about criminals trespassing, you may be considering installing a fence for added security. While there are many different types of fences, chain link is still a popular choice for its many benefits. If you haven't started building your fence yet, check out these three reasons you should consider a chain link fence to protect your business.

1. They Are Affordable

Chain link fences are still a popular option because of their low price. On average, you can expect to pay about $3 to $6 per foot for a 4-foot tall fence or $8 to $15 per foot for a 6-foot tall fence. However, this does not include professional installation, which may increase the price by $5 to $35 a foot, and if you need to install a fence, the price increases further. Other factors that may increase the price are smoothing land, equipment rental, etc.

On the other hand, other fencing choices are more expensive. A wood fence may cost you up to $9 per foot for a DIY job, and vinyl may cost up to $12 without professional installation. There are cheaper options, but they are targeted for livestock, so they may not provide much security for your business.

2. They Are Secure

Another reason chain link fences are still a top choice is their security. While they may not look like the most secure way to protect your business, chain link fences actually offer better protection than many other types of fences. In fact, they are quite comparable in strength and protection to wrought iron fences but cost significantly less. To ensure your fence is as secure as possible, choose a taller fence and a thicker wire.

This helps prevent people from jumping the fence or cutting/breaking the wires. They, however, are not great at providing protection from noise. Therefore, if you need to block noise, such as traffic from a nearby highway, or private business conversations outside, a wood or vinyl fence would provide security from intruders and noise.

3. They Don't Obscure Your View

Wood and vinyl privacy fences are popular because they block sound and prying eyes. However, that isn't always beneficial when protecting your business. While you may want some external privacy, too much gives criminals a place to hide. Once they make it over your fence, you won't be able to see them behind a privacy fence.

Chain link fences, however, don't provide privacy, which means they also give potential criminals or trespassers no place to hide. Plus, chain link fences often blend into the background, so you aren't distracted by the fence when looking for intruders.

If you want to do your best to protect your business, you should consider installing a fence as an added security measure. While many types of fences offer security, chain link fences are also affordable and don't obscure your view. For more information about commercial chain link fences, contact a fence contractor in your area today.