Reasons To Choose PVC Fencing When You Want To Install A White Picket Fence

If you want the classic look of a white picket fence for your front yard, then you should consider going with PVC fencing from a company like Tyson Fence Co rather than wood. A wood fence requires much more upkeep, and if you can't maintain it properly, the fence will peel and become an eyesore. Here are some of the advantages of choosing PVC instead.

PVC Fencing Stays White Without Painting

The plastic used to make a PVC picket fence is white throughout, so there is no top layer to peel off due to rain and sun exposure. The fence maintains its uniform white appearance without the need to touch up any paint every few years. This is beneficial when you have a busy lifestyle since you won't have to spend time keeping the paint in good repair. Instead, you can install the fence and enjoy the cozy look of it in your yard without being bogged down with maintenance except for cleaning.

PVC Is Easy To Clean

You may need to clean your fence occasionally depending on what goes on around it. It's possible that grass clippings, bumps from a mower, mud splashes, or hard water from a sprinkler will leave smudges or stains on the fence. One of the good things about PVC is that it is easy to clean. You can buy products made to clean PVC or use household cleaners that are safe for plastic and vinyl.

Avoid using an abrasive scrubbing pad that might leave behind scratches that could fill with dirt. Instead, use a power washer if you have one. If your fence is in full sun, it may stay fairly clean all the time. If it's in the shade, algae might grow on it, and a quick way to keep it under control is to use a pressure washer to wash it off before the algae has a chance to get out of hand.

PVC Fencing Is A Good Match For Kids And Pets

Another advantage of a PVC picket fence is that it doesn't deteriorate because of weather exposure or insect damage. This is beneficial if you have young kids or pets that play in the yard. Deteriorating wood can splinter, and that could injure a child or pet. Plus, a deteriorating fence is no longer secure. If your picket fence will be used to keep a pet in the yard, then you want it to stay strong so the pet won't knock it over.

Wood fencing is often made from pressure treated wood that's treated with chemicals to keep it from insect damage. You may not want your kids and pets to be exposed to these chemicals, and installing a PVC fence is a good way to eliminate having the toxic chemicals in your yard.

Besides these advantages, a white picket PVC fence is attractive. It has a bright, white color that complements your property, and it's ideal for the front yard and the backyard, too.