Child Safety Tips When Choosing A Fence Or Balcony Railing

Whether it's a fence around your yard or a safety railing around a balcony or along some steps, making sure it is a suitable railing for your child is a must. Not all railings are created equally, especially when it comes to child safety. When choosing a railing, the following tips can ensure you make the right choice. Tip #1: Opt for a smooth top Decorative railings may have pointed pickets or decorative spikes, either along the entire top or as finials atop the posts. Read More 

Protecting Young Children And Dogs With Chain Link Fences: 3 Important Features For Keeping Alligators Out

In the wake of the alligator attack on the two-year-old boy at the Florida Disney resort, the media has drawn nationwide attention to the dangers posed by alligators. Unknown to many Americans, southeastern U.S. is actually home to many American alligators, with populations reaching approximately 1.5 million in both Florida and Louisiana respectively. If you reside on or near alligator territory, this unfortunate tragedy may have drawn your attention to the importance of installing fences that will keep alligators off of your property. Read More 

Chain Link Vs Wrought Iron: Comparing Two Fencing Materials

One decision you may be stuck on when selecting your new fence is the material itself. If you are undecided between chain link and wrought iron, it helps to know the pros and cons of each material to help you make an informed decision. Wrought Iron Pros If you want to have a fence that is more decorative, you can't go wrong with selecting wrought iron. There are decorative options to help change the look of the material, such as caps on the top of the fence posts that can drastically change the look. Read More 

3 Vital Tips For Managing Alligators On The Construction Site

If your construction crew will be doing work in any coastal state from North Carolina to Texas, or in the states of Arkansas or Oklahoma, be prepared to deal with alligators. Although they are normally found in these 10 states, they are also occasionally found well outside of their range, including in states as far north as Pennsylvania. In true gator territory along the Southeast United States, wherever you find a body of fresh water you can expect to find gators. Read More 

Want To Build A Front Yard Fence? 3 Ways To Improve Your Home Security With This Addition

Front yards often receive a considerable amount of wear and tear from being next to the sidewalk. Dogs may urinate on the grass, people may accidentally step on your plants, and trash may get tossed around. Adding a front yard fence is one method to reduce the impact of these negative effects. But you may not be happy with just eliminating a few inconveniences; you may want to positively impact your home's security. Read More